Just like you, I have an endless home project list. It always starts with ambitious and beautiful ideas but over time it just gets overwhelming. Well, don’t worry, I’m here to break it down and hopefully make it all a little less intimidating!

Start by making a list of all your dream projects. This is the fun part! Just spill your heart’s desires onto paper.  Step back, reflect on it, sleep on it and talk to the people who share your home. And once you’ve processed it start to edit. What’s important? What’s excessive? Before you know it, you’ll have a manageable list.

Next, prioritize your list by importance. What defines importance, you ask? This could be desire, timing, or budget. I suggest starting with what you desire the most and adjust as you go.

Ok, now we really get into it by creating a budget & timeline. These two go hand in hand so I like to work both of these as one exercise. The longer your timeline the stronger your budget. Start by estimating the cost of every project. I like to use Remodeling’s Cost Vs. Value report which comes out every year. Totaling these costs may be a shock but will put everything into perspective. Next, review the overall value of your home (how much equity do you have?) and think about the total investment you’re willing to contribute. As you go along edit your priorities accordingly. Finally, think about how much you can afford in one year. This will determine your timeline. You might find that you will need to spread your projects out over two or three years to make it work.

Look at that! Your outlook is clear and your list is manageable, right? Well, what’s next?

Hire a professional to execute to your parameters. The first and best place to start a project is by hiring a professional Interior Designer. Your first instinct may be to hire a General Contractor but you’ll soon find out that they will want a plan in place, and materials selected, purchased and at the site before they even begin any work. If they don’t express this you will learn the hard way when the project is stalled because something is late or back-ordered. Ultimately you will save time and money when you work with an Interior Designer. And I bet you will find it will turn out even better than you expected.